Project outputs

1.    Exchange of experience and best practice examples by two study visits of trade union representatives from CITUB headquarters and federations in Unia’s headquarters and structures;
2.    Translated relevant materials and documents related to the experience of Unia in Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning and related issues like Communication, Motivation, Negotiation skills and Active citizenship;
3.    Elaborated Handbook in Bulgarian language dedicated on Organizing and Recruitment based on the valuable input from the study visits, best practice examples and recommendations for the different sectors and regions.
4.    50 representatives of CITUB regional and branch structures trained during 3 days’ bilateral workshop in Bulgaria for transferring the Swiss expertise and knowledge with a participation of Swiss experts on the following topics:
-    Organizing and Recruitment
-    Motivation
-    Campaigning
-    Communication and negotiation skills
-    Conflict  resolution
-    Active citizenship
5.    Implemented Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship campaign on regional and branch level in Bulgaria
6.    Final bilateral conference to disseminate the results to a broader public and to evaluate the added value of the project;
7.    Created and maintained section in CITUB website dedicated to the project (its impact, exchange of information and experience, appropriate materials and documents, best practice examples)