Project overall objectives

To contribute for the sustainable social and economic development of Bulgaria through the strengthening of the capacity and the role of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria based on the partnership and exchange of good practice examples and knowledge between the Bulgarian and Swiss Trade Unions (CITUB and Unia) on national, regional and branch level.

Project specific objectives

  1. Establishment of partnership between CITUB & Unia on national, regional and branch levels for capacity building and strengthening of CITUB and enhancing its role as a social partner contributing for the socioeconomic development of the country
  2. Transfer of Swiss expertise, experience and knowledge on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning on all levels
  3. Dissemination of the results and best practices to all stakeholders in order to enhance their motivation and active citizenship attitude

Project outputs

1.    Exchange of experience and best practice examples by two study visits of trade union representatives from CITUB headquarters and federations in Unia’s headquarters and structures;
2.    Translated relevant materials and documents related to the experience of Unia in Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning and related issues like Communication, Motivation, Negotiation skills and Active citizenship;
3.    Elaborated Handbook in Bulgarian language dedicated on Organizing and Recruitment based on the valuable input from the study visits, best practice examples and recommendations for the different sectors and regions.
4.    50 representatives of CITUB regional and branch structures trained during 3 days’ bilateral workshop in Bulgaria for transferring the Swiss expertise and knowledge with a participation of Swiss experts on the following topics:
-    Organizing and Recruitment
-    Motivation
-    Campaigning
-    Communication and negotiation skills
-    Conflict  resolution
-    Active citizenship
5.    Implemented Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship campaign on regional and branch level in Bulgaria
6.    Final bilateral conference to disseminate the results to a broader public and to evaluate the added value of the project;
7.    Created and maintained section in CITUB website dedicated to the project (its impact, exchange of information and experience, appropriate materials and documents, best practice examples)

Project activities

1. Establishment of Project Management Committee (PMC) for Decision making, Monitoring and Evaluation of the project
1.1. Short justification: The establishment of a competent PMC is crucial for the successful implementation of the project as it sets the rules and procedures of implementation, develops the mainstreaming and dissemination plan and strategy, monitors the quality of the implemented activities (through internal evaluation), takes decisions for corrective measures, evaluates the outputs, etc.
1.2. Short description: There will be 4 formal 2 days’ meetings of the PMC . The monitoring will be done through procedures of internal evaluation. The internal evaluation will be regular and ongoing (during the meetings of the PMC). It will follow the development of the project and based upon the feedback (filled-in feedback forms) of the participants and beneficiaries in the different events (study visits, workshop, conference, etc.)
1.3. Outputs: Successful implementation, management and monitoring of the project; interim and final internal evaluation reports
1.4. Resources: The PMC will consist of 6 people: the legal representatives of CITUB and Unia, the project manager, two CITUB project coordinators (one for the branches, and one for the regions), the project coordinator from Unia; material resources – meeting rooms in CITUB and Unia headquarters;
1.5. Budget: 24 740 BGN

2. Two study visits of CITUB representatives in Unia headquarters, regional and branch structures
2.1. Short justification: The study visits are aimed at sharing experience and best practice examples on issues which are of special interest for CITUB branch and regional structures and will support them in finding solutions for problems and obstacles and strengthen their role as social partners influencing the socioeconomic development of the country.
2.2.  Short description: The two study visits (4 days each) will follow a structured list of issues for discussion and exchange of experience. Each delegation will consist of 12 trade unionists (10 from the branch and regional structures, 2 experts from the headquarters of CITUB). The results and conclusions from the study visits will be the basis for the Handbook on Organizing and Recruitment.
2.3. Outputs: 24 trade unionists from CITUB trained and with increased capacity to organize campaigns, to recruit and to be better motivated.
2.4. Resources: human resources: two interpreters from CITUB, 2 experts from Unia; material resources: 1 conference rooms, technical equipment, documents and materials for distribution  developed by the experts
2.5. Budget: 70 416  BGN

3. Translation of relevant materials and documents
3.1. Short justification: A set of documents/materials which will provide an in-depth analysis of the recruitment, organizing and campaigning model in Switzerland. Those good practice examples will support the trade unions to contribute for the sustainable development by giving them arguments and grounds for positive changes and endeavors.
3.2.  Short description: The translation will be carried out during the whole project covering variety of topics, materials and documents relevant to the project (app. 200 pages).
3.3. Outputs: approximately 200 pages of translated materials/documents
3.4. Resources: translators/experts from CITUB, relevant materials and documents provided by Unia
3.5. Budget: 8000 BGN

4. Elaboration of a Handbook on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning
4.1. Short justification: The Handbook will provide a valuable input for CITUB branch and regional structures including the most useful and updated information and best practice examples from Unia.
4.2. Short description: The Handbook (in Bulgarian) will be elaborated during the second and third quarter. The PMC will decide upon the most relevant materials/documents. The experience gained during the study visits will also contribute for the content. It will be published on the web-site of CITUB and all interested Federations.
4.3. Outputs: Elaborated  Handbook on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning in Bulgarian language published in 1000 copies and distributed amongst CITUB federations and regional structures
4.4. Resources: approximately 150 pages of materials and documents provided by Unia, summaries of the experience from the study visits; 3 Bulgarian experts on organizing and recruitment
4.5. Budget: 17650 BGN

5. Bilateral workshop for capacity building
5.1. Short justification: The main dissemination and mainstreaming objectives of the projects will be implemented via the bilateral workshop for capacity building. It is essential for the spreading out of the good practice examples amongst the TU and for the motivation and recruitment of new members, for capacity building and for improvement of the social dialogue in the country.
5.2. Short description: It will be a 3 days’ workshop for 50 trade unionists. It will transfer the Swiss expertise and knowledge with a participation of Swiss experts on the following topics:
- Organizing and Recruitment
- Motivation
- Campaigning
- Communication and negotiation skills
- Conflict resolution
- Active citizenship
The participants are supposed to reach conclusions and draw recommendations.
5.3.  Outputs: 50 trade unionists informed and trained on topics which will build the capacity of their branch and regional structures, improve the sectoral social dialogue and contribute for the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country.
5.4. Resources: 2 trainers and one expert from CITUB, one trainer and one expert from Unia; 2 Conference/meeting rooms, printed translated materials for distribution in 50 copies, approximately 1500 copies, color laser printer for printing the handouts; 50 copies of the published Handbook.
5.5. Budget: 32586 BGN

6. Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship campaign on regional and branch level in Bulgaria
6.1. Short justification: The valuable Swiss experience and knowledge should reach all CITUB members and potential members and the civil society as a whole and the best tool for that should be the campaigns organized on branch and regional level.
6.2. Short description: The Campaign will be organized in the six planning regions of Bulgaria (two days each – 6 campaigns) with the active participation of the branches. A leaflet of the project will be elaborated and distributed during the campaigns. 6 press-conferences will be carried out during the campaigns.
6.3. Outputs: 6 Campaigns on Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship with the active participation of a total number of 240 people reaching potential members in the 6 planning regions of Bulgaria followed by 6 press-conferences for awareness raising.
6.4. Resources: 2 coordinators from CITUB – regional and branch, 2 members of CITUB leadership, a PR expert from CITUB, 50 trained CITUB activists, 500 copies of the handbook on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning, 6 meeting rooms (one in each planning region), a camera for recording the campaigns and elaboration of short films on campaigning and recruiting as best practice examples; 100 project posters, 1000 project leaflets
6.5. Budget:  55995 BGN

7. Final Conference
7.1. Short justification: The bilateral Final conference will spread the results of the project to all stakeholders and to a broader audience. It will transfer the best practice examples of this project over the national context (by inviting guests from other countries) and over the trade union context (by involving representatives from the employers’ organization and the government).
7.2. Short description: The final conference (2 days, 60 participants) will be carried out in the last quarter in Sofia.  There will be presentations from Bulgarian, Swiss and other European experts and discussions, recommendations for the future sustainable socioeconomic development. With simultaneous interpretation in English and German.
7.3. Outputs: Dissemination of the results and best practice examples amongst 60 foreign and Bulgarian participants; promotion of the Swiss experience for finding possible solutions and ways for improvement of the capacity of the trade unions in Bulgaria for a more sustainable socio- economic development.
7.4. Resources: 1 member of the leadership and 4 experts from CITUB, 1 member of the leadership and one expert from Unia, 2 interpreters Bulgarian-German and 2 interpreters Bulgarian-English, 1 Conference hall, 2 booths for simultaneous interpretation, 60 Handbooks, 100 project leaflets, 60 project posters, printed relevant materials and documents for handouts.
7.5. Budget: 37304

8. Project section in CITUB web-site
8.1. Short justification: The creation of the project section is very important for the dissemination of the results of the project, for its transparency and good governance and for the promotion of the good practice examples and sustainability of the project results.
8.2. Short description: The section will be created in the second month of the project and will be maintained for one year after the end of the project.
8.3. Outputs: created and maintained project section in the web-site of CITUB dedicated for the project
8.4. Resources: one IT expert from CITUB, the existing web-site of CITUB, materials in proper format for downloading.
8.5. Budget: 6480 BGN

9. Project management
9.1. Short justification: The project management aims to plan the activities, to guarantee their implementation on time and to provide all the necessary resources - human, administrative and financial, to monitor and evaluate the quality of the results. The process of the management of the project will be based upon three principles: quality of the implemented activities, reporting of all expenses and transparency regarding the activities and funds.
9.2. Short description: This activity is divided into several sub activities: establishment of a project management team, division of responsibilities, preparation of implementation/ dissemination plan, regular reporting and analysis of the results; carrying out of regular meetings of the project team.
9.3. Outputs: Carried out 12 meetings of the project management team (including the 4 meetings of the PMC); clear division of responsibilities and the roles; good coordination of the implementation of all the activities planned in the log frame of the project
9.4. Resources: 1 project manager, 1 project assistant, one project accountant from CITUB, meeting rooms at CITUB headquarters, technical equipment, consumables
9.5. Budget: 77052 BGN