Project specific objectives


Establishment of Partnership between CITUB & Unia on national, regional and branch levels for capacity building and...

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Transfer of Swiss expertise

Transfer of Swiss expertise, experience and knowledge on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning on all levels

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Dissemination of the results and best practices to all stakeholders in order to enhance their motivation and active...

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Main activities

Outputs of the project

1. Two study visits
2. Translated relevant materials and documents
3. Handbook on Organizing and Recruitment
3. Handbook on Organizing and Recruitment
4. 3 days’ bilateral workshop in Bulgaria
5. Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship campaigns
6. Final bilateral conference
7. Created and maintained section in CITUB website

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In that respect CITUB needs strengthening of its capacity via the partnership with Unia to collect, exchange and disseminates the Swiss models, experience and knowledge in organizing, recruitment, campaigning and strengthening the public presence and image of the trade unions.



Active Citizenship campaigns

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